Build detach studio that will blend with the house.
Studio needs to be sound proof (Windows and walls)
Install fire sprinklers do to fire-zone.
Install 2 A/C units one for the room and other for equipment.
Finish Fast.



Ofir was incredible from start to finish, I highly recommend him. I had several contractors give me quotes, but he was an easy choice when he showed up with his laptop and gave me instant drawings, diagrams, and renderings, as well as exact prices. His quote was very slightly higher than some of the other contractors but I am glad I chose him, as he did not go a single dime over his estimated cost, even after a number of changes, setbacks, and additional requests. After hiring him, the plans were easily approved by the city but we had serious issues with the HOA, particularly with one neighbor who did not want any construction. Ofir worked with me for a FULL YEAR to get approval from the HOA, without me paying him one cent. He even went as far to get an artist to draw a beautiful painting of what the finished addition would look like, and finally after a year of bulls**t the HOA shot down the neighbor and granted approval for construction. He installed soundproofing (that I purchased) into the walls at no additional cost and was generally on hand to answer every question I had and he was happy to fulfill every little detail I requested, no matter how small. Stuff like putting a auto-sensor light switch in the closet and putting in a doorbell, etc. His foreman on-site was also great and the entire crew was very friendly and non-intrusive. They were happy to help me out with any other odd job I needed help with, even unrelated to the task. (I would buy them lunch some days to thank them.) They worked 8am-5pm 6 days a week and the entire structure went up start-to-finish in less than 2 1/2 months. In the end he matched the guest house perfectly to the house and it looks like it has always been here. I am very indebted to him, especially for the year he worked with me getting approval. I'd say he went WAY above and beyond what any given contractor would do.

Matt, K. - Glendale, CA
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